Basic raycasting in Unity3D

Hi everyone! Today it’s time to end with the Unity3D canvas series with one last post. In this one we are using basic ray casting to trigger some more animations in our player interface.

If you want to try the following tutorial by yourself here is the last step project from where you can continue whit this one:


If you wonder if you are able to build it from zero, here is the “almost complete” list of chapters of this Unity3d canvas series where you can find the entire process:

monolith ahead!

monolith ahead!

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UI ingame messages in Unity3D

It’s time to start our new year and this second one will be even better. What I’m saying! This year is going to be 10 times better; it’s going to be awesome!

My first post this year is a new chapter for the Unity3D UI series and it’s our 50th post! In this one we are setting up some things for the final post, attaching a new canvas to a game object that shows up only when the player is near it. Also give a read to some of our old posts if you get lost at some point.

Let’s go, this is an easy one!


unity UI message ingame

Behold the might monolith!

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Animating a game interface in Unity

Last week Sergio wrote a new step in his Haxe series, so guess what?  Yes! Today is time again for Unity. This time I’m giving a quick shot again to the new canvas objects adding animated textures using sprites and some new cool tools. If some of you are first timers into sprite animation in Unity, check our old post before going deep here, I’ll skip some common steps!


animated sprites inside an interface in Unity. Yay!

animated sprites inside an interface in Unity. Yay!

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Creating a 3D world and a playable character in Unity3D

Today is the day! It’s time to try to do something in 3D using Unity 3D!

In the old times of XNA I tried to create a game in 3D, building an orthographic camera by myself, and since this day the third dimension is quite frightening to me. With Unity, I decided to give it another opportunity as soon as I can see where almost everything is without compiling the project ten thousand times.

So, this is my first approach to 3D in Unity, with my Unity UI series as a perfect excuse to go deeper into the engine.

First 3D attempt in Unity. Let's go!

First 3D attempt in Unity. Here we go!

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More Unity 3D! Using it all together

After some posts about Unity, now it’s time to put it all together and create things using all the features explained before. Today it’s time to show some quick cool things using the new UI canvas and Unity built in animations. Check our old Unity 3d posts to be sure you don’t miss any step.

canvas header

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