Particles 2: Emitters and tools

Hey! You have 6 minutes? That’s what you need to see what’s going on here! 

Boss has been lashing me restless for days because I forgot to mention one of the most important things about particle systems and effects in the first post of  my particle series: emitters! We’re fixing this right now! I don’t want to be punished for this error anymore T_T

Particle emitters! Because it is high time

In the first particle’s post I explained a bit about particles life, a basic particle engine design and how particle effects works for dummies, but I miss to explain where the particles comes from!

Every particle system has an emitter and there is where particles are born. Emitters can be a point, a plane or even a 3D object, and particles can be created at the edges, the vertices or even the faces of them. In a pure 2D scenario an emitter can have 1 or 2 dimensions (well, that’s obvious xD).

Once a particle has been created, always from some point at the emitter surface (or inside the emitter in 3D scenarios), it will move, jump, shine or whatever it’s meant for, then it’ll die after a while, at the same time more particles are being created at the emitter, ready to complete their tasks.

particle emitter example

particle emitter example

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