Moving to Unity (or die trying)


Those days I’m on the move from my old and beloved XNA to Unity 3D. Since Microsoft killed XNA I’ve been looking for something similar, like libGDX , or some smaller frameworks like enchant.js or Haxeflixel (thanks to Sergio’s love letter to Haxeflixel), but when I realised that C# works for Unity scripting using MonoDevelop… well, if Sergio loves Haxe, I feel so comfortable with C# and lot’s of devs and studios switched already to Unity, so  it seemed a great option to invest my time: a free version, lots of plugins and assets, multiplatform deployment and much more.  I was so so much hyped.


Unity hype!


After some time spent on it is still a great option, easy to create something quickly, but it feels really hard to master and has some aspects that are driving me a bit crazy. Let’s have a look!

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