Ludum Dare 32 – Post Mortem

Once again, I took part on Ludum Dare more than 2 weeks ago now.

The game I made is called CurseMan, and you can play it right here.

It involves a man whose only means of defense consist of expelling gianormous inults and curses in the form of comic-style speech bubbles.

Curses that can kill and destroy enemies!


Captura de pantalla 2015-04-20 a la(s) 00.07.50



This LD32 was a bit weird for me, but as always, it was really motivating and fullfilling. Let’s recap in detail how it went, shall we? 🙂

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HaxeFlixel tutorial: buidling your first 2D Shoot ‘em up. Part VI

Well, this is it people, we finally reached the last part of our 2D shoot ’em up tutorial. Today we are going to finish and wrap things up, and you are going to be able to download (and play, of course) the full thing by the end of this post (don’t worry, the full source is available on Github, right here).

I’m going to cover the main and more important changes and updates that I made to the code, so minimal things like the game over and stage completed messages won’t be covered in order to be able to focus on the most important and “difficult” things to do.

By the way, since our tutorial game is obviously a Gradius tribute (which is a fancy word for clone) there was only one possible way to call it, and that is…





Let’s get to work!


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Haxeflixel tutorial: buidling your first 2D Shoot ‘em up. Part V

Well well, things are starting to take shape don’t you think?, our “game” is starting to feel and play like one, but before we can say the thing is finished we need to start wrapping and polishing things up. That’s what we are going to start doing on today’s post. Let’s get cracking!

HaxeFlixel logo

HaxeFlixel rocks!

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Haxeflixel tutorial: buidling your first 2D Shoot ‘em up. Part IV

And here we are, back again with what is already part IV of our HaxeFlixel 2D shoot ’em up tutorial. I hope you are following up nicely until this point. But if you are not, don’t fret; by the end of the tutorial I will do a small recap through the most delicate parts of the whole process and I will post the full game code on Github, so you can all have the whole thing on your computers so you can tweak and modify it to your hearts content.

HaxeFlixel logo

HaxeFlixel rocks!

Ok, today we are going to do a few subtle things that we were missing and that must be addressed right now, let’s get to work!

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HaxeFlixel tutorial: building your first 2D Shoot ’em up. Part I

Hello there!, today we are going to go straight to business by starting with the first stage of a multi-part tutorial on how to build a simple -yet very illustrative- game using the wonderful HaxeFlixel framework <3

The idea here is rather simple. We are going to create the skeleton of a 2D horizontal space shooter game, in the style of Gradius, R-Type or Thunder Force. You know the drill. But you probably have already seen lots of tutorials on teaching how to do something similar. Problem is, most of those tutorials show you how to build a game where there is no actual scenario or pattern to the game. Probably they just generate enemies and obstacles in a random way, and leave you with the simple goal of surviving and ranking up as many points as you can.


Having customized scenarios and accurate enemy placement really bring these games to life


That’s ok and really nice, but I want to give this tutorial a twist, and for that we are going to lay the groundwork for you to build a space shooter that you will be able to expand on. We are going to have custom levels that you will be able to design freely in a level editor, without having to touch a single line a code.

Are you up for it?, let’s get started then!


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