Software made for fun, but still software

I have very bad news for some of you: video games are nothing more than colorful software with funny things like zombies, but at the end every videogame is nothing more than a complex software project.

What I’m writing about today? Why all those bad news? Today I’m going to talk about something boring for almost every developer, something necessary that all of us tried to avoid at least once, what must not be named!:  Software documentation

Software made for fun, but still software

Boss doesn`t like documentation either

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Learning from failure

Last week Sergio and I signed for the “it’s a race” Mini Ludum Dare and he did a pretty good work with his Boost Power, but the same can’t be said about me.  This one has been my first game jam where I tried my best, but at the end I didn’t make it. It’s a shame, but I still think that still worth it.

My try is about a little mole fleeing  from a sure death under the horrific mower of doom. You can help the little mole by smashing your keyboard and evading some obstacles jumping over them. My hours playing Track & Field some years ago have to take some blame for my smashing button addiction.

Click the following image to access the “game”

My failed game for the mini LD. Click to play

My failed game for the mini LD. Click to play

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Another kind of graphic resources: marketing assets

After a huge amount of work finally the time comes: the videogame is already finished! Congratulations to everyone who took part in the process! Buy some booze and let’s party!

Then someone realize that there is no money for booze because the game itself does not produce any income stored in the studio main server, the party gets delayed and someone says something about distribution and marketing. Usually is not like that, but it’s a way to show how a game has more assets than most of people thinks. As a teacher said in one of my Software Engineering classes, every file of a project, including documents, code or even images are “software”, and in my opinion, every resource created for a project are part of it even if it’s  used externally, like in the Google Play store or the Apple App store. Those resources are logos, screenshots, landing images, icons, press kits… when a game is finished there is still a lot of work to do.

angry birds stella landing screen and icon

Angry Birds Stella screenshot and icon

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The making of: Universal Love

Well, well, Ludum Dare 30 has just taken place a week ago and by now you probably heard about it, but I took part in it.

I made a small little game about planets. And missiles. And love.

And most importantly, it is called Universal Love.

You can play it now right here. Go on, try it, I’ll wait here until you are done.



Done?, good!, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it.


What is it?, you wan’t to know how on earth did I came up with such an idea and how it came to exist?

Oh!, you flatter me!, I’ll do just that with pleasure, keep reading! 😀


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Moving to Unity (or die trying)


Those days I’m on the move from my old and beloved XNA to Unity 3D. Since Microsoft killed XNA I’ve been looking for something similar, like libGDX , or some smaller frameworks like enchant.js or Haxeflixel (thanks to Sergio’s love letter to Haxeflixel), but when I realised that C# works for Unity scripting using MonoDevelop… well, if Sergio loves Haxe, I feel so comfortable with C# and lot’s of devs and studios switched already to Unity, so  it seemed a great option to invest my time: a free version, lots of plugins and assets, multiplatform deployment and much more.  I was so so much hyped.


Unity hype!


After some time spent on it is still a great option, easy to create something quickly, but it feels really hard to master and has some aspects that are driving me a bit crazy. Let’s have a look!

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