Tutorial: getting started with PxTone

Here at StrandedSoft we have been talking a lot about art, programming, graphics, rendering techniques and the like for the last few months.  That’s great, but there is a very important aspect of gamedev that we have been neglecting a bit as well: music and sound.

Today, we are going to put and end to that. And we are going to do so by taking a quick-start tour on one of the great -yet, considerably obscure- music creation tools that we game developers have at our disposal. And yes, it is absolutely free.

Let’s get to it!




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Isometric assets using Hexels

Hello all again!

Our latest posts here at Stranded Soft were a bit more complex than usually, but this one is easier and also quite enjoyable.

Today I want to introduce again Hexels, a software tool created by Hex-Ray Studios. It’s designed create cool graphics using different shapes as pixels, like triangles or hexagons.

I’ll show how to work with trixels to create isometric shapes faster than ever. Give Hexels a try, you won’t regret it.

Quick example - Awesome, isn't it?

Quick example – Awesome, isn’t it?

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UI ingame messages in Unity3D

It’s time to start our new year and this second one will be even better. What I’m saying! This year is going to be 10 times better; it’s going to be awesome!

My first post this year is a new chapter for the Unity3D UI series and it’s our 50th post! In this one we are setting up some things for the final post, attaching a new canvas to a game object that shows up only when the player is near it. Also give a read to some of our old posts if you get lost at some point.

Let’s go, this is an easy one!


unity UI message ingame

Behold the might monolith!

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More Unity 3D! Using it all together

After some posts about Unity, now it’s time to put it all together and create things using all the features explained before. Today it’s time to show some quick cool things using the new UI canvas and Unity built in animations. Check our old Unity 3d posts to be sure you don’t miss any step.

canvas header

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Designing a terrifying game

There is something special about survival horror games. It may be their amazingly gruesome stories. Or maybe the core suspense and tense gameplay they provide. There are many elements that make them so interesting and attracting. There are also very different types of terror and survival horror games, with some differences being so big that you could say they belong to a different genre. But among these qualities and characteristics there are some key common elements that all these games share. On top of that, there are some aspects every terror game must respect and implement in order to nail the experience people expect from them.

If you are thinking on designing a horror game today is your lucky day, because we are going to review a few of these key elements that make the survival horror tick.

So, if you please, close you windows, dim off the lights and sit tight, because we are in for some scary stuff!




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