Hey, we’re starting this at last!

– Hey mate! we totally should learn game developing!

– Yeah, that would be great! I have lots of ideas to start with! We can even write about how we start.

– I’m in! it’ll be awesome!

– […]

– We can start as soon as we get some free time..


These two guys could spend their entire life stuck in this conversation without doing what they planned…

When I met them, they were still waiting for “some free time” to start something… more than a year later!

Clearly, a leader was needed, a boss who would lash them to work, and a cat to give them a hard look like only cats are able to for not working harder on such awesome things.

It’s exhausting, but I’m going to get them to work on what they really like instead of giving those lame “no-free-time” excuses. I’m a cat with a tie. I’m all what they need.

boss will lead!

Boss ‘ll lead!